This Little Animal...

After a long break away from practical, creative work due to dissertation I've been back in the studio working away on the big project of the year. This project will form my final degree show.

The theme of my project is animals put into daily situations. Each animal will be different and have characteristics and individual personalities. They will be doing various activities such as driving a car, playing on a swing or having a bath. After dabbling in the adult market for the last project I have gone back to my original passion of designing for children and bright colour. My drawings are more refined and are made up of shapes rather than lines. The main influence for this project is my 2 year nephew, he's learning to talk and knows various activities and animals, he can't string sentences together but can put an activity to a person or animal. I, personally also love animals. My favourite animal is a Lion, and he is the main character of the collection. 

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