Lenny knows it's nearly time for Christmas...

Lenny the Lion and Percy the Penguin are getting festive, hopefully some of their other friends will join them soon...

Christmas cards...

It has been a while since I have posted on my blog, and for that I apologise. I have been very busy these last 2 months working in the greeting card industry, which of course meant no time to create designs of my own.

I created these Christmas cards during my time at Watermark Publishing on my Christmas free day. I am now in the process of designing my own Lenny the Lion Christmas cards, which I will post on here once I have created them.

In the meantime, enjoy...


Apples, oranges and pears, oh my...

A couple of designs from a mini fruit collection exclusively designed for The Fruit Box.


New Designers London

A couple of photos of my stand at New Designers...


My Degree Show

 Some photos of my final Degree Show at Leeds College of Art


I will be exhibiting at...

End of Year Show 2010.
Leeds College of Art.

19th June- 24th June 2010

New Designers.
Design Business Centre. London.
1st July- 4th July 2010

Lenny the Lion and I look forward to seeing you there. 

print & pattern blog

Thank you to Bowie Style who has featured me in the print and pattern blog today. I absolutely love the print & pattern blog and have been following it somewhat religiously over the last three years, so it is a great honour to be featured in it.

Take a look at the post 


Pieces of the alphabet...

Bringing together different elements from all collections...



My pretty floral things...


After completing the floral collection I was reviewing my 3 collections so far and I am not completely happy with my 2nd collection of the placement prints with the knit and pattern. Some of the designs work and some of them don't, and as a whole it isn't a very strong collection and doesn't live up to the standards of my first collection and my floral one. So, I have decided to take a new approach/style and just use the designs as drawings. I've taken the composition of the animal doing something, for example Lenny the Lion parachuting and made it one block colour, and added little flowers and birds to it, and a light background, so initially is just 2 colours. I think I may add features to the animals etc and continue it further but this is how each design will start. Also, this collection links Lenny the Lion and his friends to the florals. 



For my 3rd collection I have decided to bring in florals with my animals. I will either draw new little characters such as birds and insects to go with the florals or I shall use Lenny & Co. I have continued using the same drawing style and the same colour palette. 


Collection 2

My 2nd collection which I'm currently working on is a collection of placement prints. I am concentrating more on pattern and bringing more knit in. 


I have created some examples of how my designs would look the on products that they are designed for- giftware, children's crockery and children's pyjamas. 

Collection 1

A couple of repeats from my 1st collection. My 1st collection is all about repeats. There are 6 main designs which have the characters involved and 6 co-ordinating designs. 


The Chosen Friends

I've chosen 12 animals to feature in all the designs from now on. I originally had about 23 animals to work with. I have been working on the animals and they now have pattern and knit swatches dropped into them. They are also wearing little accessories. The animals are all individuals now, and have their own defining characteristics. 

Lenny the Lion, Cassie the Cow, Sally the Sheep and Percy the Penguin


Love is in air

Knit Me Up

Some knitted swatches to drop into my drawings