Collection 2

My 2nd collection which I'm currently working on is a collection of placement prints. I am concentrating more on pattern and bringing more knit in. 


I have created some examples of how my designs would look the on products that they are designed for- giftware, children's crockery and children's pyjamas. 

Collection 1

A couple of repeats from my 1st collection. My 1st collection is all about repeats. There are 6 main designs which have the characters involved and 6 co-ordinating designs. 


The Chosen Friends

I've chosen 12 animals to feature in all the designs from now on. I originally had about 23 animals to work with. I have been working on the animals and they now have pattern and knit swatches dropped into them. They are also wearing little accessories. The animals are all individuals now, and have their own defining characteristics. 

Lenny the Lion, Cassie the Cow, Sally the Sheep and Percy the Penguin


Love is in air

Knit Me Up

Some knitted swatches to drop into my drawings



Lenny's Morning

Lenny and Freddie go to the Park

Lenny has a Tea Party

The Friends


I wrote a couple of stories about Lenny and Co and illustrated them. They are stories for children. They are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, enjoy!