Finished Scarves

Printed on silk habatai and cotton poplin


New title for the project

"Through the seasons with petals and wings"

Along with the new title, there is also a new context for my designs as well as giftwrap I am going to be designing for scarves too.

This is the colour palette for my Winter collection. I will bring in my autumn drawings as the two seasons overlap but will keep to a winter colour palette.


These days...

I've been very busy recently both in the studio and out of it. At the moment I'm continuing with drawing on Illustrator as well as creating samples and experimenting with screen printing, flocking and foiling (I shall upload photos soon).

On a more exciting note, I am being commissioned by my brother to decorate my niece's nursery. They have chosen an animal theme so I will be using my designs from Architectural Animals. I'm really excited about the prospect of having a room with my prints in it and seeing what it'll look like. And again I shall post pictures of it.



Samples 1

A selection of samples of Illustrator drawings of flowers and birds put together. The colour for each image depends on which season they belong to, for example, the winter birds/flowers would be cold blues and greys whereas the spring ones would be a warm yellow.


"Seasonal Change"- 02

Some examples of Illustrator work...


"Seasonal Change" 01

3 continuous line drawings that I've done for the new project, not brill quality as they are photos, but will scan more in soon.


An Inspiring Favourite

I know that Summer hasn't really materialised this year with all the rain, and the weather being slightly bi-polar but the other day I couldn't help but want it to be Winter, and felt quite happy it's not too far off. Not because I dislike Summer- I don't, I'm a bit of a sun worshipper, but Winter has to be my favourite season. I hate rain (those who know me would say that's an understatement) but I love frosty mornings and long dark nights.

Whilst thinking of an idea for my new brief for 3rd year; "Winter" was a reaccuring idea, however, since the theme does effectively have to last me a whole year I didn't want to restrict myself too much and limit myself with material. So, I shall be using nature (trees, birds, essential fruits/vegetables that define a season, flowers etc...) to explore all four seasons and obviously be using suitable colour to reflect each season.



The cushions I made for the "Architectural Animals" project.


Some of my floral work, still bright & colourful, and quite abstract with the close ups. An assortment of stitch, cut work & paint.



Valentine's cards brief, inspired by a bag from a children's clothes shop in York called "The Owl & the Pussycat"

The V&A, London.

A selection of my favourites from the V&A fashion gallery. The dresses are from the 'Early Designers' theme ranging from 1850's to 1930's.

I love the Victorian-esque large bustles and all the layers that the dresses are made up of (particularly the skirt of the 1830'3 wedding dress) I find the complexity of the dresses intriguing, and by looking at them you just know they aren't going to be the most comfortable of outfits. The embroidary on the final dress is beautiful. I like how clean cut and immaculate they look,and equally how over the top they are.
They definitely appeal to my love for anything old & victorian.

A city to get lost in...

I love the old town feel of Edinburgh...
...the buildings are quaint, the paths are winding, the streets are full of history.

And it has a Castle <3