The cushions I made for the "Architectural Animals" project.


Some of my floral work, still bright & colourful, and quite abstract with the close ups. An assortment of stitch, cut work & paint.



Valentine's cards brief, inspired by a bag from a children's clothes shop in York called "The Owl & the Pussycat"

The V&A, London.

A selection of my favourites from the V&A fashion gallery. The dresses are from the 'Early Designers' theme ranging from 1850's to 1930's.

I love the Victorian-esque large bustles and all the layers that the dresses are made up of (particularly the skirt of the 1830'3 wedding dress) I find the complexity of the dresses intriguing, and by looking at them you just know they aren't going to be the most comfortable of outfits. The embroidary on the final dress is beautiful. I like how clean cut and immaculate they look,and equally how over the top they are.
They definitely appeal to my love for anything old & victorian.

A city to get lost in...

I love the old town feel of Edinburgh...
...the buildings are quaint, the paths are winding, the streets are full of history.

And it has a Castle <3


T-shirt printing

I decided to take a refresher in screen printing and printed my animal designs onto t-shirts. I originally decided to print a couple of t-shirts for presents and a couple for myself, however, it ended up as a little t-shirt enterprise with friends ordering and buying them. It was very flattering and nice to know people like my designs. I also enjoyed screen printing very much and think I will use the technique much more in 3rd year since I have had a good practice.

Just a couple of examples, and the screen I made.

"Architectural Animals"

The combined theme of my final major project in 2nd year was animals and buildings. I chose these two concepts as they obviously don’t fit together and don’t really have any links. I felt that both the concepts are quite ordinary and everyday and I wanted to take them and turn them into something original and different. My main inspirations were the works of Inke Heiland, Roger la Borde and Susie Mendive who all used animals in a similar way. They all made up the animals using patterns or in Mendive’s case, text. Their work heavily influenced me as it opened up a pathway as a way to combine my two concepts.

Building designs with wooden blocks

This is work from the first module in 2nd year. I created compositions of wooden blocks and then used Illustrator in order to produce drawings and create samples. My final designs were fabrics for children's fashion.

Things to go into this blog...

I will be using this blog for all my work & designs, inspirations, talk about things I've been doing and share things that are pretty or I simply like <3