An Inspiring Favourite

I know that Summer hasn't really materialised this year with all the rain, and the weather being slightly bi-polar but the other day I couldn't help but want it to be Winter, and felt quite happy it's not too far off. Not because I dislike Summer- I don't, I'm a bit of a sun worshipper, but Winter has to be my favourite season. I hate rain (those who know me would say that's an understatement) but I love frosty mornings and long dark nights.

Whilst thinking of an idea for my new brief for 3rd year; "Winter" was a reaccuring idea, however, since the theme does effectively have to last me a whole year I didn't want to restrict myself too much and limit myself with material. So, I shall be using nature (trees, birds, essential fruits/vegetables that define a season, flowers etc...) to explore all four seasons and obviously be using suitable colour to reflect each season.

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